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How many images can I upload at one time to the PicturEngine?

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2017 05:30PM CDT
That's a complicated question because there are so many contributing factors.  When uploading to PicturEngine, you are uploading from your browser directly to AWS S3 at whatever speed your computer and ISP allows.  As your images are uploaded, our image processor verifies your images, making thumbnails and previews, and extracting and writing metadata.

The ONLY limitation on our end is a 2TB of total data per each upload.  

With that said, you might discover limitations from your internet service provider, as some ISP's will intentionally reset your connection during a sustained upload.  This is likely due to combatting torrent sites.  Your system memory or browser allocated memory could also affect your upload. 

We regularly see batches of 10,000 images without an issue; however, some photographers have issues with uploading over a few thousand at a time, so you have to test.  Start small then work up to bigger batches.  If you have a fast internet connection, up-to-date computer with lots of RAM, you should be able to send large batches.  If you have a slower internet connection, try uploading in smaller batches.

Remember:  When you upload, it is important to keep your browser window open until it completes.  Scroll down to the bottom to make sure all of the progress bars are completed.  We built in a fail-safe in case your connection resets.   We will try five times, then provide you a "Retry" button to restart the upload where it left off.  Please DO NOT close the browser window until you verify that your upload is complete.  Just click the retry button, and the upload will resume.  If it fails after a retry, please verify that your image is not corrupted on your system.

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