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Last Updated: Oct 05, 2017 05:31PM CDT
Photographers receive 100% of the image license instantly.  Image buyers pay the credit card processing fee of around 2.9%, allowing photographers 100% of the image license fee.  NO fees (or commissions) are deducted from the image license payment.

Photographers set their pricing.  We offer guidance and tools, but the photographer ultimately sets the price for the image.  We have adapted the PLUSPacks universal licensing standard pricing system for pricing individual or groups of images.

Image Offers allows image buyers the option to submit an offer for an image license.  This is typically used when a buyer's image license needs fall outside the scope of our pricing calculator, or the buyer is simply looking for a better price.  Please review all offers carefully before accepting or declining.  If you choose to make a counteroffer, you will be allowed to make notes that are saved on the final license.

PicturEngine offers all the features of a traditional stock photo agency and more.  Our robust, full-featured platform includes savable and emailable lightboxes; online pricing, purchase, and delivery; plus a one-of-a-kind, industrywide search engine.  Search results cover the largest stock photo agencies, and the best niche agencies, all right alongside individual PicturEngine photographer’s content.

PicturEngine offers additional features not typical of a stock photo agency.  Photographers can access individual image and account analytics.  Our intuitive system provides photographers valuable information regarding keywords and images yielded from buyers’ searches including images that are being added to lightboxes.  Photographers no longer have to wait for an image license to identify new trends.  Our system assists photographers with pricing and keywording individual images according to image supply, quality, and client demand.  Actively shooting photo professionals can opt to display a full photographer profile with direct contact info, website links, portfolios, and other social media contacts.

Exclusivity?  We are NOT an agency!  We are the world’s largest image search, sales, and delivery platform and require no contract or exclusivity.

Metadata is VERY important.  Individual image metadata is editable at any time and is embedded into not only the thumbnail and preview sized images, but individual PLUSPack license information is written into the hi-res images' metadata after each sale, before client download.

Who pays for the system?
  • PicturEngine platform photographers pay a flat fee to be included within the PicturEngine industrywide search results.  Additional options include access to PicturEngine exclusive image pricing and keywording tools and unlimited use of the sales and delivery platform.  This account level allows both RM and RF sales and delivery.
  • Advertising Only option allows individual photographers and small/medium sized photo agencies (under 1 million images, using an online sales and delivery platform with keyword searchable images) to license their images independently.  This cost-effective "advertising only" solution passes buyers directly to the image licensing page on your website when buyers click on your image within the PicturEngine search.  The monthly fee is based upon image quantity and number of photographers (agencies).

Hi-res image storage (for platform photographers) PicturEngine uses the secure cloud storage service Amazon AWS S3.  This gives photographers full control over their images and allows photographers to pay only for the storage used.

Image security includes storing PicturEngine photographers’ hi-res images in an encrypted folder, accessible only through our proprietary sales and delivery system and distributed via a temporary and secure link generated after each image sale.

High image quality standards are maintained by utilizing our proprietary weighted image search system, where the most relevant images rise to the top of our buyers' search results.  Our “learning” search system lets the image buyer decide the types of images they want to see first within their search.  We discern what buyers are searching for and pass that valuable information onto PicturEngine platform photographers.

Photographer Best Practices include attentiveness to “total quality,” one of the ‘weights’ within the PicturEngine search system.  "Total quality" includes, but is not limited to, photographer's image and keyword relevance with respect to the industry as a whole.  In other words, it is advantageous to meticulously edit all images before uploading to PicturEngine.  Lower-rated images weigh directly against highly rated images and lower the photographer’s overall image portfolio score.

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